At we believe in the ethos of building on your social data profile can only help you in
the future-it’s the key to getting ahead in life. Having a good social data score expands on people's
options throughout their lives. The more options you have, the freedom of choice window gets larger,
allowing you to live life to the fullest.

We pride ourselves on being able to facilitate that, and it’s not just as simple as giving you a social
score, we go that extra step further that no other provider of social data reporting does, that is keeping
you in the loop.

How we calculate the scores

To summarise what and how it works, the methodology is simple; Social media data is organised
and categorised and can be collated to match patterns in match based algorithm (formula) in order to
generate a score. We keep track of these scores as and when they update so you’ll be able to track
improvements and quantify the results they bring to your life offline.


We are an emerging firm, based in the United Kingdom, this live score is the most accurate
representation of how your social media activity can be used to provide a view about you as a person,
we’re here to help!

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