What You Get

To summarise what and how it works, the methodology is simple; Social media data is organised and
categorised and can be collated to match patterns in match based algorithm (formula) in order to
generate a score. We keep track of these scores as and when they update so you’ll be able to track
improvements and quantify the results they bring to your life offline.

The what, the why and the how..

PointSocial.co.uk has constructed a multi connection an real-time
collection system that collates social media information based on your
inputs/authentication from your existing social media accounts. This aggregation
of data is organised and algorithmically sorted to result in a score (out of 100)
derived by us which we believe will be an accurate depiction of you in the eyes of
prospective clients, employers and financial institutions.

The What


We collate the data into indices of social media components such as employment record, education history, friends and their connections pitched against your peer group and interests. These indicators allow you to sculpt your online presence into a more attractive asset to your arsenal when it comes to job applications, client sourcing and even financial planning for the short and long term future you have in mind.

The Where


Our scores that we issue periodically or when you log-in to your members area are calculated from your profile data and connections to close proximity behaviour. Calculated and developed by algorithms, your score is and can be used to assess your employment status, credit worthiness and predictable patterns to socialistic probability.

The How

Data Source

With direct relation to privacy, your scores are entirely based on information you provide to us and obtained information by third parties only with your strict permission. The information we use is accessible by you at any time-there’s no secret data held or accessible beyond your reach. Essentially the more information you have on your profile(s), a more accurate score can be derived.

Best Offer

₤32.50 / month

  • Unlimited profile update requests
  • Full data removal request tools
  • Email alerts to profile/data changes
  • SMS alerts to changes
  • 30 Days reporting incl. activation
  • Instant activation
  • Companies House checks included

Pricing plan

We activate your report available for you to view in real-time, this report is provided by us directly and is the real deal.

Viewing your report on the move isn’t an issue, we’ve tailored our reports to work on any device, so you can keep track of your profile on the move.

Our service carries SMS alerts to keep you updated about any changes to your social data score. Positive or negative factors, information in time is a step in the right direction.

Lenders may look at more than JUST your credit score!

In addition to financial credit score information, a lender may also look at your social network activity. The standing of your network friends or the frequency of particular words in your posts determine your social media score; this can be used to provide an outlook of the type of person you are.

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